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Evaluation of the Specific Capacitance of High-Entropy Oxide-Based Electrode Materials in View of Their Use for Water Desalination via Capacitive Method 58
Augmented Reality for Supporting Workers in Human–Robot Collaboration 16
Progress in the influence of recycled construction and demolition mineral-based blends on the physical–mechanical behaviour of ternary cementitious matrices 13
Candida albicans/Macrophage Biointerface on Human and Porcine Decellularized Adipose Matrices 10
Novel Assessment Methodology for Laser Metal Deposition of New Metallic Alloys 10
3D additive manufactured composite scaffolds with antibiotic-loaded lamellar fillers for bone infection prevention and tissue regeneration 10
Electrical Response Analysis of a Piezoelectric Energy Harvester Power Source Based on Electromechanical Parameters 8
Development of a resistivity standard for polymeric materials used in photovoltaic modules 7
The opportunity for smart city projects at municipal scale: Implementing a positive energy district in Zorrozaurre 7