Novel Assessment Methodology for Laser Metal Deposition of New Metallic Alloys

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Metal additive manufacturing technologies are gaining great interest. However, the existing metallic alloys are generally formulated for conventional manufacturing processes. Thus, it is necessary to adapt their chemical composition or develop new alloys for the manufacturing conditions of additive manufacturing processes. The main method for manufacturing metal powder is gas atomization, but it is very expensive with long manufacturing times. Therefore, it is necessary to develop alloy validation methods that simplify the development process of new alloys. This paper deals with a methodology based on thermodynamic heat transfer equations, simulation, and powderless tests. This novel methodology enabled the determination of the optimal conditions for the laser melting deposition process of the commercial AA7075 alloy with a reduced number of experimental tests with powder, reducing the difficulties inherent to powder processing. The developed process was divided into two stages. In the first stage, the heating of the substrate was studied. In the second stage, the depositions of single tracks were validated with the parameters extrapolated from the previous stage. Hence, it was possible to manufacture single tracks free of cracks with an adequate aspect ratio.
Cearsolo, Xabier, Mario Arrue, Maitane Gabilondo, Jon Mikel Sanchez, Haize Galarraga, Maider Garcia de Cortazar, and Franck Girot Mata. 2023. "Novel Assessment Methodology for Laser Metal Deposition of New Metallic Alloys" Materials 16, no. 2: 636.