Hydrogen production with integrated CO2 capture in a membrane assisted gas switching reforming reactor: Proof-of-Concept: Proof-of-Concept

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This paper presents a new membrane reactor concept for ultra-pure hydrogen production with integrated CO2 capture: the membrane-assisted gas switching reforming (MA-GSR). This concept integrates alternating exothermic and endothermic redox reaction stages in a single fluidized bed consisting of catalytically active oxygen-carrier particles, by switching the feed between air and methane/steam, where the produced hydrogen is selectively removed via Pd-based membranes. This concept results in overall autothermal conditions and allows easier operation at high pressure compared to alternative novel technologies. In this work, the MA-GSR concept is demonstrated at lab scale using four metallic supported membranes (Pd–Ag based) immersed into a fluidized bed consisting of a Ni-based oxygen carrier. The performance of the reactor has been tested under different experimental operating conditions and high methane conversions (>50%) have been obtained, well above the thermodynamic equilibrium conversion of a conventional fluidized bed as a result of the selective H2 extraction, with (ultra-pure) H2 recoveries above 20% at relatively low temperatures (<550 °C). These results could be further improved by working at elevated pressures or by integrating more membranes. Even though the concept has been successfully demonstrated, further research is required to develop suitable membranes since post-mortem membrane characterization has revealed defects in the membrane selective layer as a consequence of the frequent exposure to thermal cycles with alternating oxidative and reducing atmospheres.
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Wassie , S A , Medrano , J A , Zaabout , A , Cloete , S , Melendez , J , Pacheco Tanaka , D A , Amini , S , van Sint Annaland , M & Gallucci , F 2018 , ' Hydrogen production with integrated CO2 capture in a membrane assisted gas switching reforming reactor: Proof-of-Concept : Proof-of-Concept ' , International Journal of Hydrogen Energy , vol. 43 , no. 12 , pp. 6177-6190 . https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ijhydene.2018.02.040