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Power-to-Gas Conversion Technologies and Related Systems2700
An Integrated Approach for Dynamic Charging of Electric Vehicles by Wireless Power Transfer - Lessons Learned from Real-Life Implementation2207
Polyfire project- an example of an industrial research project promoting safe industrial production of fire-resistant nanocomposites1652
SLA-Based Continuous Security Assurance in Multi-Cloud DevOps1531
Investigation of the Microstructural and Thermoelectric Properties of the (GeTe)0.95(Bi2Te3)0.05 Composition for Thermoelectric Power Generation Applications1342
Smart maintenance and inspection of linear assets: An Industry 4.0 approach1191
End-effector for automatic shimming of composites1105
On-Site Robotics for Sustainable Construction1100
New strategy for the optimal design and manufacture of high performance milling heads1095
AMASS: A Large-Scale European Project to Improve the Assurance and Certification of Cyber-Physical Systems1087