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Power-to-Gas Conversion Technologies and Related Systems2272
An Integrated Approach for Dynamic Charging of Electric Vehicles by Wireless Power Transfer - Lessons Learned from Real-Life Implementation2022
Polyfire project- an example of an industrial research project promoting safe industrial production of fire-resistant nanocomposites1487
SLA-Based Continuous Security Assurance in Multi-Cloud DevOps1183
Investigation of the Microstructural and Thermoelectric Properties of the (GeTe)0.95(Bi2Te3)0.05 Composition for Thermoelectric Power Generation Applications1141
New strategy for the optimal design and manufacture of high performance milling heads908
AMASS: A Large-Scale European Project to Improve the Assurance and Certification of Cyber-Physical Systems900
End-effector for automatic shimming of composites884
On-Site Robotics for Sustainable Construction853
Negotiating design for On Site Robotics813